Unidentified Funny Objects Table of Contents and Web Content

We’re thrilled to announce the table of contents for the upcoming Unidentified Funny Objects anthology. It features 29 stories totaling 80,000 words. In addition we’re going to publish a free story on this web site every month, for the next six months. Five of them are excellent stories we would have loved to include in the book but couldn’t fit due to space limitations. So we’re choosing to buy them anyway (authors will be paid the same professional rates as those included in the book) and make them available on our web site instead. The sixth story is from UFO editor and publisher Alex Shvartsman, who wrote a short story based on the UFO book cover and will post it here as he promised to the Kickstarter backers.

Our Kickstarter backers helped finance these stories and so they will get to read all six stories first. We’ll e-mail them the story a day or two before posting them on the web site.

Without further ado, here is the complete list of stories we accepted (in no particular order):

Book content:

“El and Al vs. Himmler’s Horrendous Horde from Hell” by Mike Resnick
“The Alchemist’s Children” by Nathaniel Lee
“Moon Landing” by Lavie Tidhar
“Fight Finale from the Near Future” by James Beamon
“Love Thy Neighbors” by Ken Liu
The Alien Invasion As Seen In The Twitter Stream of @dweebless” by Jake Kerr”
“Dreaming Harry” by Stephanie Burgis
“The Last Dragon Slayer” by Chuck Rothman
“The Real Thing” by Don Sakers
“2001 Revisited via 1969” by Bruce Golden
“The Working Stiff” by Matt Mikalatos
“Temporal Shimmies” by Jennifer Pelland
“One-Hand Tantra” by Ferrett Steinmetz
“Of Mat and Math” by Anatoly Belilovsky
“Timber!” by Scott Almes
“Go Karts of the Gods” by Michael Kurland
“No Silver Lining” by Zach Shephard
“If You Act Now” by Sergey Lukyanenko
“My Kingdom for a Horse” by Stephen D. Rogers
“First Date” by Jamie Lackey
“All I Want for Christmas” by Siobhan Gallagher
“Venus of Willendorf” by Deborah Walker
“An Unchanted Sword” by Jeff Stehman
“The Day They Repossessed my Zombies” by K.G. Jewell
“The Fifty One Suitors of Princess Jamatpie” by Leah Cypess
“The Secret Life of Sleeping Beauty” by Charity Tahmaseb
“The Velveteen Golem” by David Sklar
“The Worm’s Eye View” by Jody Lynn Nye
“Cake from Mars” by Marko Kloos


Web content:

“The Ogre King and the Piemaker” by Tarl Kudrick – September
“You Bet” by Alex Shvartsman – October
“Mr. Terwilliger Confesses” by Amanda C. Davis – November
“Demonology for Nerds” by Andrew F. Rey – December
“A Midnight Carnival at Sunset” by Terra LeMay – January
“Morte Cuisine” by Kara Dalkey – February


We’ll be posting Tarl Kudrick’s story in just a few days. Meanwhile, please consider pre-ordering your copy of Unidentified Funny Objects now to help us fund more awesome projects!

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