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Unidentified Funny Objects Becomes SFWA’s First Anthology Qualifying Market

Copying the Science Fiction Writers of America press release verbatim below. You can also see UFO listed here.

August 3, 2015

For Immediate Release

Unidentified Funny Objects Becomes SFWA’s First Anthology Qualifying Market

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America is pleased to announce that Unidentified Funny Objects, edited and published by Alex Shvartsman, is the first anthology series to join the SFWA list of Qualifying Professional Markets, which holds markets that have been qualified by the SFWA Membership Committee as meeting the SFWA bylaws and other membership criteria. More information can be found on the Membership Requirement page:

Maintaining the list is one way SFWA tries to make the qualification process easier for its members by pre-vetting markets where it can. Unidentified Funny Objects is an annual anthology of humorous SF currently in its fourth year. Past contributors to the anthologies have included George R.R. Martin, Neil Gaiman, and Esther Friesner.

Shvartsman said, “I’m extraordinarily proud for the Unidentified Funny Objects series to join the ranks of the fine publishers and magazines on the qualifying market list. I view our admission both as a valuable service to those authors we’ve published who are in the early stages of their careers, as well as a personal milestone, akin to the moment I was able to join SFWA as a member myself.”

“I’m pleased to see SFWA starting to work out the nuts and bolts of how independently published authors qualify,” said SFWA President Cat Rambo. “As the publishing industry changes, SFWA needs to shift with it, recognizing the various paths to professional success and helping members with whichever they’ve chosen.”

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UFO2 cover and table of contents

Unidentified Funny Objects 2 table of contents:

Foreword by Alex Shvartsman
The MSG Golem by Ken Liu
Service Charge by Esther Friesner
Item Not as Described by J.W. Alden
Stranger vs. the Malevolent Malignancy by JIm C. Hines
How to Feed Your Pyrokinetic Toddler by Fran Wilde
A Stiff Bargain by Matt Mikalatos
The Girl with the Dagon Tattoo by Josh Vogt
Improved Cubicle Door by M.C.A. Hogarth
On Safari by Mike Resnick
How You Ruined Everything by Konstantine Paradias
Insider Information by Jody Lynn Nye
The Haunted Blender by K.G. Jewell
The Retgun by Tim Pratt
The Diplomat’s Holiday by Heather Lindsley
Congratulations on Your Apotheosis by Michelle Ann King
One Thing Leads to Your Mother by Desmond Warzel
Class Action Orc by James Beamon
The Wiggy Turpin Affair by Wade Albert White
Hannibal’s Elephants by Robert Silverberg
You can order UFO2 here: